Executive Choice has adopted a multi-pronged approach to headhunting and recruitment which incorporates the leveraging of our extensive Executive Candidate database with international research and sourcing techniques as well as our unique networks within the Executive landscape. Our specialised service offerings have evolved in response to the needs of our Clients for a strategic, customisable, top Talent and Executive recruitment service whose delivery is executed with excellence in mind. At Executive Choice, we have been proactive to our Clients’ needs and expectations by specially crafting a variety of bespoke solutions to address these issues including the following;

  • Executive Research and Sourcing
  • Scarce skills placement
  • Talent Mapping
  • Executive Candidate Marketing
  • Interim Executives

executive research and sourcing

At Executive Choice, we value a conversation with key stakeholders upfront to understand the strategic context of the role and business. This allows us to align the organisational and cultural value proposition with the Candidate’s own personal values to ensure that the ‘right fit’ for each unique assignment is found.

We employ a synthesis of best practice search and recruitment methodology which combines our capacity to deliver strategic, flexible, and rapid responses to Executive Talent requirements with the ability to complement your own recruitment process and entice top Executive Candidates. Our Executive Choice team combines this synthesis with an agile and proactive Client engagement approach, ensuring that Client and Executive Candidate partnerships remain key to our mutual success. This unique approach enables us to deliver according to our Clients’ particular needs within a very short timeframe.

scarce skills placement

At Executive Choice, we understand that certain tasks require specific skills in order to be successfully executed. Our specialist sourcing and headhunting capabilities, when combined with our Executive networks, empower us to find the proverbial “needle in the haystack”. This enables us to provide our Clients with the specific set of scarce skills which they have identified as being critical to the realisation of their strategic objectives.

talent mapping

Our highly skilled staff at Executive Choice utilise their capabilities to provide our Clients with bespoke Talent Mapping services that are aligned to their specific needs. These services provide great value to our Clients and can be utilised in a number of situations such as the need for an organisation to gain market intelligence to better manage workforce planning in response to today’s highly challenging environment.

Organisations primarily engage with us with regard to our Talent Mapping services in pursuit of one or both of the following:

  • Information on sources of relevant Talent, their skills scope, domain of business/sector activity, and organisational
  • A directory of relevant and Talented individuals for specific roles with an overview of skills, experience, and remuneration levels

These services have been tailored in response to the needs of our Clients including:

  • Benchmarking for succession planning and internal promotion
  • Risk mitigation and/or contingency planning for Executive or critical skills roles
  • Understanding of availability of scarce/critical skills
  • Market intelligence gathering with regard to competitors, Talent pipelines etc.

Depending on the intended outcomes, we are able to act on behalf of the Client.

Our Talent Mapping process is based on the following 3 steps:

talent mapping process

executive candidate marketing

Great companies appreciate meeting great Talent on a regular and speculative basis. Executive Choice is able to deliver value to our Clients through the continuous scanning of our networks, allowing us to introduce appropriate top Talent in order to meet their strategic and business initiatives. Unique to the Executive Talent arena, we place equal focus on fulfilling specific Client needs as well as creating access for Executive Candidates to have exploratory conversations with prospective Clients in order to foster constructive and mutually beneficial relationships.

interim executives

At Executive Choice, we secure results-driven Executives with the specific skills, experience, and demonstrable performance required by a business for a fixed or foreseeable period of time. These individuals are able to deliver on an agreed upon mandate without the complications of becoming permanent employees whilst retaining the ability to make a contribution to your organisation from the onset.

There are a number of circumstances in which our Interim Executive solutions can be utilised by our Clients to meet their specific needs. These situations include;

  • When time is a critical factor in dealing with your particular challenge
  • You need specialised, and possibly expensive, skills to meet a particular challenge without entering into permanent  agreement
  • Your business requires independent and objective view as well as an individual who can roll up their sleeves and work with you to develop and implement the solution
  • You have had an unexpected or sudden change within your Executive Team that leaves the business,  exposing it to risk
  • You do not want to carry the permanent costs of hiring a full-time Executive whilst also refraining from involving a consultant at that stage
  • You have a significant project planned or currently underway that requires dedicated resources and your Executives are already at capacity
  • You need experienced people to mentor and grow succession Candidates
  • There is an unexpected vacancy in the leadership team from resignation, ill health, or death
  • A portfolio requires someone to occupy a leadership position and assume the associated responsibilities for a limited period of time